Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting all deep and philosophical (about blogging)

When I started this blog, I thought about what I wanted to write about. What was my purpose? What did I want to get out of this exercise? Where would I draw the line (if any) about what I shared and didn’t share?

The main reason was that I loved writing, and I wanted to get back into that, and share my words. I didn’t need to be crafting a work of art, I just wanted to start writing regularly again.

I loved reading other blogs, all kind of blogs, and I wanted to be a part of that world in a greater sense than the odd comment on someone else’s blog here and there. I loved creating things, and wanted a space to share these things (I suspect I was beginning to bore my non-crafty Facebook friends). I liked the idea of documenting the creative process, and having a record of the things I’d made. (Also my crafty failures and the products of EITTTS* days.)

I decided it wasn’t going to be a blog about my personal life, with endless posts about what I did/wore/bought today or what my kids said. I wasn’t going to get too deep and meaningful about life (no politics or religion, thank you).

And so I started blogging.

But now, with my blog accumulating dust and cobwebs, and the idea of ‘regular writing’ being more than a little laughable, I have to wonder if it’s time for a little change.

Sometimes I start writing something in my head (surely I’m not the only one who does this!?) and then don’t physically write it down because that’s ‘not what I blog about’. Or it’s too wordy for Twitter. Or I can’t think of a picture to Instagram that thought with.

It is hard to separate my craft from my life. Creating is a big part of me. I go a little crazy and get itchy fingers when I haven’t been able to find any creative time for a few days. I create when I’m happy, stressed,excited, sad, grumpy, can’t sleep. I create when I really should be doing other things, but I’ve just had the most AH-mazing idea. I create when I’m alone, and with my kids. I get crafty with other people’s kids. I make for my family and friends.

So why do I feel like my blog has to be a ‘crafty’ blog? Why isn’t it just a ‘me’ blog?

I think it’s time to change things up a little.

* EITTTS – “Everything I Touch Turns To Shit” – a wonderful acronym I learned from Jodie.


  1. Totally get it, totally. Write whatever you need or want to, we want to read.
    Ab xx

    1. Erm, you may regret saying that, my dear. I have an *ahem* 800+ word blog post waiting in the wings. Jeebus!!


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